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Eccleston Scout Group

Welcome to the adventure!

Beaver Scouts is the first and youngest section in the Scout Movement for 6 to 8 year olds. As a Beaver, your child will join their Colony in exploring the outdoors, delving into creative crafts, discovering their community, playing games and making friends.

After a few weeks of attending Beaver Scouts, your child will be ‘invested’. This is when they promise to do their best and help others.

If you're thinking of joining us, please click the 'getting started' link below to find out more about how to get involved.

On this page you can also find out more about the uniform scouts wear, badges and awards and more about our leaders.

Getting started »


All young people and leaders are required to wear uniform at most Scouting events and sessions. Each section is identifiable by its unique uniform.

Beaver Scouts wear a blue sweatshirt and our group scarf with a woggle.

You will get a necker when you start with us, but you'll have to buy a polo. To get one, you can go to the Chorley Scouts Shop or just ask one of the leaders.


The Promise

I promise to do my best

To be kind and helpful

And to love God